The Need

The Facts

The Promiseland Trust operates all its projects from the Promiseland Centre in Tutaleni, a very poor suburb of Walvis Bay. Tutaleni is characterised by very small and informal living abodes, often comprising a single room structure constructed with a mix of brick, corrugated roof sheeting and wood. In most cases an entire family resides at one dwelling which do not have electricity or running water.
Although some of the children have parents, in many instances the parents are often inebriated and spend most of their time at the local shebeens (informal bars), or they are single parents who trust their neighbours to look after and feed their children while they are at work. These neighbours often never take care or look after the children who end up playing in the streets. They also often go without a single meal a day.

The Consequences

From a privileged point of view, it is nearly impossible to fathom the impact of the psychosocial distress which some of these vulnerable and destitute children have to endure. Apart from facing serious risks to their survival and well-being, they are robbed of their most basic right to healthy development and human dignity.
In addition to the adverse effects of their social circumstances, the lack of food and proper nutrition on a daily basis also has other far-reaching outcomes.
By looking the other way we are not changing the reality and we will be faced with the consequences in years to come.
"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.” Nelson Mandela


The Promiseland Trust have been providing for the vulnerable children of Walvis Bay's poor communities for the past decade. We are making a difference in their lives every day.

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