In 2009 the Promiseland Trust purchased a home in the urban area Tutaleni, where most of the vulnerable children are from, and named it the Promiseland Centre. It was transformed it into a soup kitchen and food distribution point. A bigger hall was built on the premises to house a bigger kitchen and storage facility, as well as a recreational and play room for the children we care for.

From the Promiseland Centre we successfully run three projects:

Feeding - The Feeding Project at Promiseland currently provides daily home cooked meals in two sittings for roughly 200 vulnerable children. The first meal is prepared and served to pre-primary children during their morning activities at the Promiseland Centre and the second for school-going children in the afternoons.
The Trust also assist a local community project with the logistics to feed approximately 2500 needy children at 7 schools on a daily basis during the school termsi n Walvis Bay.
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Forming - The Forming Project began in 2012 with the intention of helping to keep children off the streets by allowing them to spend the day learning and playing at the Promiseland Centre. However, it has grown to be much more than just a day care centre.
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Foster Care - The Foster Care Project was initiated in 2011 and currently employs a foster mother to care for two children. These children stay with their foster mother and are raised in a stable and caring environment. The Trust provides them with housing, groceries, clothing, education and emotional support.
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