Foster Care


The Foster Care Project was initiated in 2011 and currently employs a foster mother to care for two children. These children stay with their foster mother and are raised in a stable and caring environment. The Trust provides them with housing, groceries, clothing, education and emotional support.

Although the initial focus was to create a cluster foster care centre where more children could enjoy a safe and loving home environment, current legislative requirements and budgetary constraints have limited the Trust to realise this goal.
The Trust has opted to alleviate the urgent need for a more stable and safe home environment for destitute children by leasing a suitable and well-equipped house. A caregiver or foster mother was appointed to live at the home caring for the children’s every need on a 24 hour basis. Social workers visit the foster home regularly to evaluate the progress of the children and the effectiveness of the foster care.


How can you help?

The biggest challenge is to ensure that the project remains sustainable financially for the future. The foster care home depends heavily on community support whether financially or in kind, and has a fixed monthly expense that must be covered. The home therefore needs committed monthly funding for an extended period.

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