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The Promiseland Trust receives no formal funding and depends on ad-hoc sponsorships and generosity of the community and local businesses. To ensure that our projects remain sustainable financially so that we can keep on providing for the vulnerable children in our community, we need your help.
Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of these children every day:

Donate Now

To donate to the Promiseland Trust we have provided the banking details of each of our projects below. Please donate by making an electronic transfer.

Promiseland Feeding Project

Banking details: Bank Windhoek
Savings Account No: 2000227235
Branch Code: 481 872

Promiseland Foster Care

Banking details: Bank Windhoek
Savings Account No: 2000248834
Branch Code: 481 872

Promiseland Forming

Banking details: Bank Windhoek
Savings Account No: 2000275360
Branch Code: 481 872

We recommend that you provide your support through the following options:

Option 1: Pledges
This entails a monthly or periodical donation as part of the running costs of the projects. The period and amount is the discretion of the donor. Any amounts from N$100 (10 Euro) or higher can be pledged per month. These regular contributions go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of the projects as opposed to a single large donation that is aimed at a capital expense of may often not be enough to cover running costs.

Option 2: Lump Sum Donation
This entails a periodical lump sum donation ranging from N$10 000 to N$500 000. The larger donations serve to sustain the projects for a longer period and allow for better planning and frugal management of funds.

Option 3: Donations in Kind
This entails donations in kind that will ultimately alleviate much of the tangible needs, equipment and other required items. This could include clothes, food hampers and usable equipment such as educational learning aids, chairs, tables, etc.
Audited financial statements are available on request or can be viewed by clicking here.

Business Breakfast

The annual Business Breakfast is held once a year. With excellent guest speakers this event is hosted to thank our sponsors, donors and individuals who contribute towards the Promiseland Trust.

The event also serves as a fundraiser where new potential sponsors are invited. This year’s Business Breakfast will be hosted in September or October 2016.