The Feeding Project at Promiseland currently provides daily home cooked meals in two sittings for roughly 250 - 300 vulnerable children. The first meal is prepared and served to pre-primary children during their morning activities at the Promiseland Center and the second for school-going children in the afternoons.

The Trust also assist a local community project with the logistics to feed approximately 2900 needy children at 7 schools on a daily basis during the school terms in Walvis Bay.

The Feeding Project was started in October 2007 after the Trust took over from the previous charity operations of another non-profitable organisation on a small erf in Tutaleni.

Initially food was prepared and served from a steel container, without the luxury of electricity or running water. There was no ablution facilities or an under-roof structure where children could eat their meals.

The Trust then purchased a house and slowly started renovating the house. Through the support and sponsorships of the local businesses and the community existing structures were transformed to be able to house a well-equipped mess-hall with kitchen facilities where the children can sit and eat in a clean and safe environment. A large number of children in the Tutaleni neighbourhood have come to depend on the Promiseland Feeding Project for their daily meal, as many of them often don’t get a decent and nutritious meal at their homes.

The project has also helped to the children off the streets. The children now come and spend the day playing at the center, waiting until the meals are served.


How can you help?

The children and community living in the vicinity have come to depend on the center as a safe place and a place where children will be fed. Our biggest challenge is to ensure that the project remains sustainable financially.

Our immediate needs:

Financial support:

The Feeding Project receives no formal funding and depends heavily on ad-hoc sponsorships and generosity of the community and local businesses. We require donations and sponsorship on a constant basis.
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