Thank you

The Promiseland Trust received a welcome donation to the value of N$101,000.00 from Buccaneer (Pty) Ltd and JCM Theart (Pty) Ltd.

Operating from its centre in Tutaleni neighbourhood in Kuisebmond, the aim of the trust is to improve the quality of life of the community’s most vulnerable children through education, feeding and character building. The Trust is fully reliant on donor funding and sponsorships.
The Trust currently runs three on-going successful projects, namely its Feeding, Forming and Foster Care projects at the Promiseland Centre.

The Soup Kitchen Feeding Project currently provides daily home cooked meals in two sittings from Monday to Friday for roughly 250 vulnerable children at the Promiseland Centre in Kuisebmond. The first meal is prepared and served to pre-primary children during their morning activities at the Promiseland Centre and the second for school-going children in the afternoons. In total the Trust provides a meal for approximately 1800 children on a daily basis during the school terms.

The Forming Project began in 2012 with the intention of keeping children off the streets by allowing them to spend the day learning and playing at the Promiseland Centre. Since then donations have allowed the Centre to expand and build a complex with two toilets and an office and three classrooms. At present about 60 children benefit from the personal development and intellectual playing methods of the internationally accredited Headstart Montessori Teachers Training College, a partner in the project, which curriculum is currently implemented at the Centre.

The Trust also runs a Foster Care project initiated in 2011 and currently employs a foster mother to care for two children. The children stay with their foster mother and are raised in a stable and caring environment. The Trust provides them with housing, groceries, clothing, education and emotional support.

The Trust has future plans to expand its operations and include strategies to become self-sustainable through a farming project where crops would be cultivated in tunnels.

Promiseland is also currently in the process of establishing its forth project called First Steps. Through this programme the Centre aims to provide a safe environment for the vulnerable expecting mother, educate and assist them with their pre- and post natal care and create a safe place where mothers and their babies can stay during the day. The second phase of the programme will be a Day and Night Care Centre for babies from 3 to 18 months. Mothers will be able to leave their children in a safe environment while working day or night shifts at the fish factories. The third and final phase of the First Steps programme will be to run an early childhood development centre for toddlers one to three years of age where after they can enter the Montessori Pre-Primary School.

The good work of the Trust would not have been possible without the donations of the Walvis Bay and broader Namibian community. Thank you!