Logos Hope

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Children of the Promiseland Play Centre were treated to a visit on board the Logos Hope, the world’s biggest floating book fair, which was docked in Walvis Bay during the last weeks of July 2016. The children were accompanied by their teachers and volunteers.

On board the ship the children were given an introduction to the Logos Hope by a volunteer and were shown an informative video. The children were also taken on a tour of the library before being treated to the story of “the lost son” in the story room. They then were then taken to the activity room where the “Capitan” gave each of the children a page on which they could draw their own ship. After that the “Capitan” showed them a book containing international flags and told them which flag belongs to which country. This concluded the tour and the children were taken back to the school again.
During the excursion all the children wore their Promiseland t-shirts and were also treated to a big bus ride, sponsored by EBH. This gave them a real sense of a proper school outing.

We believe the children really enjoyed the outing as it was fun, educational and something that they don’t do every day.