Our Partners

Thanks to our partners who assist us in providing for the vulnerable children every day.



Montessori Education is everything you would want learning to be. Children are provided with the opportunity to gain confidence and independence with responsibility being a natural outcome. This is done through Montessori classrooms providing a safe, peaceful, structured, engaging environment that allows children to influence the direction and pace of their learning. A Montessori child sees the need, responds to the need, does it well and then makes it better.

  • We recognise that the impetus to learn comes from within so we begin with practical everyday skills and learning to get on with each other.
  • We recognise sensory based learning is key and this leads on to fulfilling academic potential. Montessori is a scientifically based approach to education that has stood the test of time and it is one of the largest educational approaches on six continents.
  • Montessori education is a practical hands-on learning environment using purposeful material. It develops children’s self-motivation, independence, curiosity and passion for learning. The children are given the opportunity to freely choose their work and are guided by their peers and teachers.
Any child will thrive because of the teacher’s role of schientific observation, which results in a highly individualised programme.
The learning is tailored to meet every child’s current needs. It is “brain based” learning providing activities for every sphere of life and learning; many that are not available to the child anywhere else in life.

The foundation for Montessori is respect; respect for each child’s ability to learn independently following their own inner drive and needs, respect that they will develop self-discipline, peace and empathy, the knowledge that each child will develop respect for each other, humanity, their environment and the universe.
Montessori education is a holistic approach that prepares children for life because:

  • Children have freedon of choice which helps develop responsible decision making, love of learning and self-discovery;
  • Montessori provides a peaceful, collaborative, culturally-aware environment and community, in which the children feel respected and nurtured;
  • Children have uninterrupted time to explore, engage in and complete their chosen learning activity;
  • The Montessori environment is beautiful and enticing for the children to learn in; and
  • Children have learning resources developed by Dr Montessori and others that engage their senses and meet the needs of children at varying stages of development.
Montessori Education provides and easier way to learn!

Joyce Meyer


Hand of Hope is the mission arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Our goal is to uplift as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.

Partnering with Promiseland and other like-minded organisations, Hand of Hope provides a nutritious meal to over 40,000 children across Africa daily and over 70,000 children globally. We couple this with the provision, training and ongoing mentorship of local carers in a Christian based curriculum, to ensure the children in our programs are raised with the knowledge that they are wonderfully designed, purposed, powerful and incredibly valuable to God.
"Time and again I am impacted not only by the great needs of people worldwide but also by the amazing opportunity God has given us to do something about it” - David L. Meyer, CEO of Hand of Hope.

With this mandate, our goal is clear: to show people that we truly care about them as people and that they are not forgotten. We outwork this by our active involvement in the translation of Joyce Meyer’s books into over 125 different languages; the provision of disaster relief; rescuing of women from human trafficking; medical missions; prison ministry; inner city outreaches and the establishment of water relief through fresh water well and tanks.
We believe if we do this for long enough, people will eventually want to know what is different about Hand of Hope and what is compelling us and that is when we get to introduce them to our Saviour – Jesus Christ.

Red Cross Volunteers

We are the Youth Red Cross of the German Red Cross Regional Branch of Westfalia-Lippe situated in Muenster/ Germany. Since 2009 we are operating as a sending organization for German weltwaerts volunteers who are doing a 12 month voluntary service in different countries on the African continent and in India.
The main targets of the program:

Introducing development policy issues: A key objective of the weltwärts program is to introduce young people to development policy issues, to develop an interest in and commitment to these issues, and to facilitate a volunteer service involving assignments suitable for this purpose.

Weltwaerts as an educational service: weltwärts makes a key contribution to development information and education work within the sense of "global learning" and helps young people to develop within the field of development policy.

Increasing skill levels: Beside language skills and dealing with development policy issues, the volunteers also acquire key skills in the field of intercultural communication, socio-cultural co-operation and social responsibility; skills which are extremely valuable in an increasingly globalized society.

Increasing commitment: Commitment prior to, during and after the volunteer service is an integral part of the development policy volunteer service.

Strengthening and networking of civil society structures: weltwärts is contributing to the strengthening of civil society structures in the partner countries and in Germany. The volunteer service also promotes networking between organizations of civil society in Germany and in the partner countries.

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