Scorpion Legal Protection donates

The Promiseland Trust received a welcome donation to the value of N$40,000 from Scorpion Legal Protection through its social investment arm called Community Connection.

Operating from its centre in Tutaleni neighbourhood in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay, the aim of the trust is to improve the quality of life of the community’s most vulnerable children through education, feeding and character building. The Trust is fully reliant on donor funding and sponsorships.

A big thank you to Scorpion Legal Protection’s Community Connection for its generous sponsorship. It is highly appreciated by all of us at the Promiseland Centre.

Mr Pieter Greeff, Chairperson of the Promiseland Board of Trustees (left) pictured with Jessica Mostert, Promiseland Project Coordinator (middle), and Palesa Dwaba representing Scorpion Legal Protection at the official handover ceremony.

Promiseland Centre volunteers and children giving thanks to Scorpion Legal Protection for their generous donation of N$40,000.